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as a boutique tech consulting company, success is vital to us. we bring a huge portfolio, streamlined processes & solutions to the table. in our 20 plus years experience as consultants we have accompanied lots of successful implementations.

Peter Müller - Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter


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Business Technology


Consulting is People Business.

Therefore we won't brag about what we as a company can do for you, but instead will put the spotlight on our Consultants.

Each one is an expert and together they are a strong team for your success.

Business, Technology and Projects are the core components of our Power Triangle. 

Peter Müller Consultant

Peter Müller


Fields of excellence


  • Technology Projects
  • Agile Way in Tech Leadership
  • Leadership for Agile Business
  • Flow Coaching in Business and Teams


  • Tech / IT Support & Setup
  • Bidding / Tender Support
  • Cost Estimations / Business Analysis
  • Prepwork CMS Business Desicion
  • Finance & Budget Estimations
  • Magnolia CMS Projects
  • Project Lead for Development Team


  • IT Project Leadership
  • Migration & Rollout Projects Lead
  • Interim Managment
  • Project Setup & Support
  • Flow in Projects & Teams
  • Software Development Projects
  • Magnolia CMS Projects

Its a long way towards being an expert but its only the first small step towards mastery.

Peter Müller - dev5310 GmbH & Co. KG

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Martin Schmid

Technology Consultant

Fields of excellence


  • Business Analyst
  • Technology Consultant
  • Engineering
  • DevOPS


  • Software Engineering Projects
  • Bidding / Tender Support
  • Prepwork wCMS Business Desicion
  • Magnolia CMS Projects
  • Company Tech Setup
  • Backend Development
  • Software Architect


  • Technical Project Leadership
  • Technical Project Setup & Support
  • Software Development Projects
  • Magnolia CMS Projects
  • Technical Project Lead

for an agile project there is no need for that mega huge software installation; you need the best fitting solution. smart, best of breed, perfect match.

Martin Schmid, Technology Consultant, dev5310

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Annika Löwen

Agile Consultant

Fields of excellence


  • Agile Consulting for Tech Teams
  • Senior Scrummaster & Team Coach
  • Remote teams expert
  • Selforganizing dev-teams
  • Agilista & Process guru 🤓


  • Agile methods (SCRUM, Kanban)
  • Atlassian JIRA & Confluence
  • Remote team-tools


  • Agile Team Coaching
  • Interim Scrum Master 
  • Hands-on Training & Workshops
  • JIRA-Setup
  • Sketchnotes & Visualisation 
  • Barcamp & conference speaker 

Check out Annika's latest conference talk:
How to create a better culture in remote teams 


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